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-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-

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Controls: WASD moves you, hold shift to run, click on things to interact.

This game is now officially in its final online version. Don't forget to try out Telepath RPG Chapter 2, with a cool new battle engine, better graphics, better music--in fact, better just about everything!

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Game is frustrating because you have to sneak into a camp with a zillion enemies and find the right tent.

Area is crowded (both NPCs and tents) and visibility is poor:
You can't scope out the area from a distance and get a clue where you're heading.

With limited supplies you're allowed to carry, it makes saving the game outside the starting village a problem: You wont be able to replenish supplies until you beat the stealth camp.

Added to this is the "quick reversal" the NPCs do, making it dangerous to move once they turned away, and you have 1 or 2 others coming at you from other angles.

Because the area resets every time you enter: ducking into a tent to avoid guards is not an effective strategy, even if you remember which ones are empty.

Never found the one with the "back door" mentioned by someone else.

Even beating the enemies quickly in battle doesn't help: you get pushed back to previous area.

the controls are not working

@Knottylovergirl Well you don't go in the front door to the tent during the stealth section, at the top right of the tent is a little flap you click and it lets you sneak in. This game is definitely of humble beginnings compared to how the chapters progress and became wonderful games, but its still fun to see the roots of the telepath series from time to time.

wow....this game sucks. i cant get past the stupid stealth part. ive tried again and again and again. no matter what i do i get spotted. and why even bother letting us save inside the tents if when we load its just gonna drop us back at the forest entrance? really wish i couldve seen how this story played out but as this one is just impossible i cant finish it and cant/wont play any further chapters as ill be missing out on a major plot point of the story.

Too short and easy, you can get as much money as you want from the gambling guard by saving outside the bar and loading when losing, it's simple to get through the shadowling camp guards (you must reach the tent furthest north and there's a side entrance at the east) and the commander doesn't really stand a chance against the pyro blasts after taking the blue pills at the camp.