Ollie's Dance Experience

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Play as Ollie as he quests to find his missing roller skates.

Art/Concept - BBQ
Programming/Art - Monkokio


Awesome game and style!

Nice job guys! BBQ your pixel art was awesome, big fan of your work man. Monkokio, nice job on the coding! It looked like alot of work was put into this. Shame it's underrated.

The cinematic sequences really made me laugh, good job on that guys. However, when I first started playing it on 'easy', I got pretty angry at how much I sucked. After about a few minutes, I got used to it. I even managed to get a 100% on one of the levels. Haha.

Good job on the game guys. You should keep on collaberating in future games.

one of the best games ive played!

100%= Queen lightning pants 99%= purple flavored thunder god

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Funny story, cool gameplay, katamari feel.

That was very well done!

I got 969 combo on hard... =<
I was queen lightning pants! Sadly you didn't have a ranking board.

Over all, it was a fun story and nice selection of songs! I even played through the whole thing!

What great programing! Nice song selection screen and what a silly character!

I wish to see more of this stuff from you fellows!

Good job on your excellent work! You'll make it front page for sure!



BEST EVER MAN. From what I seen before this was submitted, it is a MALLION times better. I got into the story and loved it all(and the poop was totally awesome). Congrats dudes, you have erected a stiff masterpiece! ^_^

haha wtf :D fun game

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4.48 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2006
8:35 PM EDT