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Pickleman's Breakfast

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Originaly put on www.I-Mockery.com
By me.


Pickle man rulz

dude i wanna know how you get ideas like that because that was awesome its a little anti quaker oats but who cares im going out to buy some pickles right now
once again great flash

poxpower responds:

Rog says "I get my ideas in a lot of places. Sometimes dreams, Drano-Induced visions or even when I lick stuff on my kitchen floor that I shouldn't have licked. This particular time, I got the idea when I woke up half-drunk in a golf course sand trap at 1pm, and I guess the heat just got to my head. Sorry"

This was really good!

While this made me feel at times like I was watching an AMV, it was actualy very good. Lots of very cool effects.

It taught me that I too, can defeat my radioactive breakfast... with pickles.

Very well done. I like it.

poxpower responds:

Anime Movie? Yeah maybe the animation was a little stale. But I don't have a basement full of Korean kids to fill-in between key animations and to color :p


Anyways don't go for the cheap stuff, that's the lesson here.

I want more!

I have never gone to i-mockery, but seeing something like this, really makes me wonder what I'm misssing out on.

Those graphics were great. Looks like it was just torn out of a comic book or an animated cartoon on television. I notices that you use some aftermath shots, showing what happens after the blow, instead of the actual punch itself. So, only improvment I could suggest is more character movment.

I liked the dong in the background. It seemed to make sense with the flash. Man can't get out of breakfast with lyrics, "There's no easy way out." It was good background music, but it felt like it needed to be more upbeat in places.

There was some violence, but not in a bloody way. More of just showing someone getting hit, and the bruises they recieved. It was some comical violence, and with a character like this, it should focus more on that.

Good humor, but it didn't revolve around humor. Just the character itself was funny. A pickle man? That was unexpected, and I found myself laughing at it.

Overall, good flash, but I wanted more. That may be asking too much, but I feel that with your talent, you could do anything. Responses highly appreciated.
Grade: A+

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poxpower responds:

Thanks for a detailed review dude, its not often that people take the time to actualy say things. Yeah I made the movie before I got music for it. I dunno, I could have put some Korn over it or something to please the kids, but I like that 80's song.
But you're right, its a little weak for the flash.
Anyways sure I could do more but. Gah. Every time I just start off with something too big and in the end I'm always too lazy to finish it fully.

In conclusion: I should stick to comics, except I should draw better.

Animation of this kind is infinitely tedious. I'll copy Synj next time :p


Ya, iv seen this b4 so i just gave u a 4/5! :D i really like ur drawing and animations, terrific work!

poxpower responds:

Well I'm glad you didn't watch it once more before you voted then, or else you'd have voted even lower haha.
Anyways thanks

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4.12 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2006
2:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original