Pickleman's Breakfast

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Originaly put on www.I-Mockery.com
By me.


Top tune

Good Graphics nice style but you will be getting all my 5's for the use of the rocky IV music (love that film cant wait for the next one this christmas)

poxpower responds:

Sometimes its annoying to try and please you people.
Jeez. Some people hate one thing, they shoot you down completely. Some people like one thing, they'll vote 5 all the way :/

Some People

U know this animation WAS GREAT. For one thing iits original it wasn't something you see all the time. And for all the losers that said it sucked I wonder if they have ever made or tried to make a Flash presentation. Anyway Good Job man keep up the good animations!!

poxpower responds:

Sadly I hate Flash even more now and getting daily 4th after working on this for a few hundred hours didn't really make me want to do more.

I should make more shit like "Tier". That took a week to make and got a higher score than this.

Holy. Shit.

That was the possibly the best animation, consisting of PURE animation so far... The effects, the great detail put into the movie... NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HOW MUCH HARD WORK WAS PUT INTO THIS! Goodness, I see things about how people complained about how the story was terrible... why? The animation was the greatest I've seen so far... The story was great either way, it humored me how such a terrible situation could come out of oatmeal with radiation. Pickleman rules... hehe

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poxpower responds:

I'll agree that nobody understand how much work this takes :o
Fuck. I need to make gimmick flashes or little 200kb addictive snake games instead of this shit.

That was creative!

I really liked it...everything was good and well worth a 5 rating from me. ^^ Nice choice of song, too! It was lengthy for what it was about, but kept me entertained. Hmm...I suppose that's all I really have to say. Oh yeah, and the idea of having pickles with oatmeal made me feel kind of sick.

poxpower responds:

Yeah I just wanted to please yooooooou :,(
That's why it was long. Because I know you like it long.

That Was Odd

The good
- Humorous
- Great animation
- Weird, but unique ideas

The bad
- Got boring a couple of times

The funny part was when pickle man stuck pickles into his oatmeal, because honestly who likes to eat it like that. I know I don't. It's just like chef boyardy, you never know what crap you are going to find in it. I found a leaf in my raviola from that once. Anyways smoother animation, with a good choice of song and good credits.

poxpower responds:

You got bored SEVERAL times?
And that leaf was probably a bay leaf.

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4.12 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2006
2:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original