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Lady in the Water

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That movie was so terrible that everyone in the theater was laughing at the end. I think Shyamalan should probably stop trying.

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i loled

it was funny


I dont really like this one. Story looks like an ugly clown. Clevland's voice is annoying. I dont think this does the film justice at all. Parodys are supposed to be funny, not filled with bitterness toward what is being parodied. Very lame.

Very funny if you watched the movie

There graphics were awsome and if you watched the movie this really follows the storyline and reminds you of how much little sense it made and how stupid it was. The charecters looked just like the charecters in the movie and the voice acting was just like in the movie.

The narf looked like a clown. If you havnt watched the movie it wouldnt make much sense.

Try to make the narfs skintone a little darker.

slightly funny

anyone who says lady in the water was shitty has a mediocre mind it was a great movie and if you couldnt keeep up with it you have the I.Q. of an orange.ill make sure to come bak everyday to give this movie a zero


That was HILARIOUS! I love this movie so much. Especially the s-t-t-t-t-tuttering problem (lol). But this was hilarious. I never saw the movie, but it doesn't take away from the mass humor of this movie. I'd love to see another movie spoof!