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Apperantly a visual representation of this joke was never meant to be..... It's a little awkward.
...Also check out the background.




The graphics and style were rpetty good in this flash, and, although I have never seen Pulp Fiction, I guess this was midly humerous. I think that you could have made it longer, with more of a plot, too. Also, the 'REPLAY' button at the end doesn't work. I like the pre-loader, though.


Make it longer, give it more of a plot, and fix that 'REPLAY' button (because it looked cool and ahd a cool effect).


A mildly entertaining short.


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Sheepie responds:

Damnit. I can't believe I forgot to code the replay button. I never even tested it. Ugh. Thanks for the support, and the 'heads-up.' :P

Not bad, not bad.

I enjoyed it, and I recognized the joke from the Fox Force 5 in Pulp fiction before you gave credit to it. Gas prices were funny too. Good artistic work, albeit simple. Looked nice sounded nice, mildly funny, and short. Cant say I know how to improve it, I think that this is the best anyone could ever have done off of the joke of which it is based. So in that case, excellent job. Don't get me wrong, I liked the content, it just was short and not that hilarious. Once again, this is the best I think anyone could do with this subject, congrats. 1 1/2 thumbs up. :P

Sheepie responds:

Heh, I never even saw it, my friend (Solidsqurrel) did, and I was telling him I needed an idea for something short and funny. He told me about this joke.
I'm glad you at least thought it was good for what it was.

Funny little joke.

Kind of short, I liked it though. I did enjoy the background, the double starbucks kills (its so true), and the animation was pretty good. It could use some refining, it looked like you were going for the sketchy style drawing, but it just kind of felt rough. Also I like that you added voices, but the voice acting is a bit monotone, it really kills the punch line.

But its still funny.

Sheepie responds:

I agree, but supplies are limited. See, I suck at voice acting, and I wanted the dad to have a fatherly tone.... unfortunatly he's not around to often and we did the voice acting before I had the animation done, so the final product sounds a little awkward.

Also I'm glad you noticed the background, I'm kinda proud of it lol.


Funny. Pointless, but funny. Your detail is awesome, like the reflections in the glass, and the gas sign! ha! It won't be a joke for very long, though.

Nice Job.

Sheepie responds:

Thanks, I like to have at least one review that just says how much the person liked it. ^^


but the background and stuff was good i gave it a four but very disturbing lol wow good job but try with a different joke next time ...please lol

Sheepie responds:

Thanks, although I don't see why I would use the same joke twice... :P

Glad you enjoyed it, despite it was disturbing.

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2.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
9:42 PM EDT
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