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World War I½: TSOO

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Edit: Second front page in seven days xD Thank you so much!
Title: World War I½: The Sword Of Ownage
Well, here you go. A damn lot of work about the second world war. The first movie from Wasin Powders Prodoctons (JERYR JASKOSNS OMG), a Scandinavian collaboration. (This is very old)
Music by Tome89 and DarkSepiroth.
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Not the most wonderful peice of work I've ever seen. The animation wasn't anything but crappy and perhaps the humor just flew over me but it didn't seem that funny either. Sorry friend, but I think you need to work a bit harder at your next submission. Think your script through real hard as well (It may take more then an hour to come up with a good plot). Better luck next time.


i thought this was absoulte crap this film it wasnt funny at all some one needs to spend a bit more time on the drawing board and find out what the word funny actually means


lol....nice..espacilly with coroperal hudson, and finland vocie box or whateva the hell it is

Yay finland

Yeah, Description includes word "finnish".

very lol the bout is a counter strike

me i very this flash and is very stupid lo llol lol goods job author