MapleStory: Bloops

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Preview our first submission to newgrounds,

It shows the odd twist to the addicting game
Maple Story!

74% of the animation done by Roon
26% of the animation done by paranoidkirb
Actionscript by Furionthedragon
Scene ideas from ImpulseGaming

All characters and music belong to their rightful owners stated in the credits



lol the beggining was the best part


Lol, really funny. I liked the part with the crimson barlog. You should have made more~ o well...

rofl bout time to

im happy, so happy to see a maple story spoof. not only that, it was awsome :P hope to see more quality work coming from you... still hard to belive its ur fist flash too lol

Well, time for my input...as co-animator O.o

OK, because I'm unable to edit the description and I'm definitely not waiting around for Roon to do it for me, I'll say it here.

First off, I've noticed comments saying how all the Maple Story characters are high leveled and have NX and stuff. That's because most of those characters are mine(all of the ones from the Rave scene are mine(the same character in different Cash Shop clothes)). He his fairly high leveled, but his real NX stuff is only the visor, the glasses, and the slippers(may or may not be shown).

Next off, people have complained about the length/unfunnyness of the "Running" and "Raving" scenes. To truly appreciate these scenes, one must be acquainted with YTMND, PHWOnline and the Madness series.

YTMND makes excellent usage of the Running scene's first music with some meme that I forgot the name of. The Rave scene was purely homage to PHWOnline's "RaveMan" series by making fun of those people who "dance" in Maple Story. Also, Michael of PHWOnline released a video once of a rave using his "Rave Gun" and it featured the song Dr. Online by Zeromancer. As you can tell, I used that for the Rave scene.

The ending "And they danced...and danced..." is an allusion to Krinkel's Madness Aepothesis. Originally, the ending was going to be an allusion to Serenity Now's WoW Funeral in which some guy was going to walk in, open a summoning bag and yell "LOL OWNED!" as the summoned monster kills everyone.

Yeah, anyways, thanks for enjoying the flash. For those that didn't, we'll try to make it better.

Oh, and I noticed something. This is probably the first Maple Story flash ever on Newgrounds as a search for Maple Story gets you nothing besides this one flash.

And um...I have no clue why Roon chose to write "Preview our first submission to newgrounds..." because it's not a preview. It's the real deal.

Roon responds:

1st off.. You never told me you needed any changes :P lemme know and ill change it...


Preview mean.. View! I didnt say Watch a preview of our flash!

Fine im done now...

Oh god I need to get a life and start uploading more flashes and stop answering reviews


dude i love this you should so make more bloopers of maple its halirous but yeah really good i love it!

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody