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Sunshine Down Under

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Sunshine visits the lands down under and makes a stop in Sydney, Australia. Keep watching; it's not a loop.

Leave a review; I respond to all.

Due to the spectacular and violent death of the original Sunshine Crew, I won't be making any more of these.

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well,It's funny cause they fell,but the song sounded a little crispy this time.Why is that?

Omgee responds:

I think I left it in the toaster a bit too long. Sorry 'bout that.


The good parts: It's upside-down. The bad parts: It's upside-down.
Okay, now to be serious. I would have liked for the cities to have actualy been drawn, but an image works just as well. The sun was fun to move around and the text was cool, but I was hoping for more stuff that I could move. Love the rain turning into sunshine effect though. I wish I could make a sunshine flash, but I'm not good at real flash, meh.

Omgee responds:

Making a sunshine flash is pretty damn easy, especially once you've got the template set up. Each of these took me two or three hours, and I barely knew Flash at all at the time and most of the time was spent doing the photoshopping for the backgrounds. The rest of it was just adding a few keyframes to make the little lollipop flower people things drop off the screen.

My point is, you could probably make one pretty easily. Get Flash and try... if you get stuck, send me a PM.

Nice twist!

__The Good__
Haven't seen one of these flashes in awhile. The graphics were nice, I liked the colors of the sun's rays. The style was nice too, upside down for the win! The song just brings back good memories to me. It is pretty fun dragging that sun around. The lolipops falling down was a nice touch.

__The Bad__
Not much, the background could have been better quality.

__Over All__
A flash about a sun and a great song. Nice job on this, keep up the good work!

Omgee responds:

Ha, if you wait long enough, everything falls down. :)

Yeah, the background could've been better quality. I've gotten better at Photoshop since then, so maybe I'll do another one of these sometime.

... nah. :)

Thanks for the review, as always!

o m g

ha ha ha ha i JUST noticed they all fall down.LOL
im such a loser.


Omgee responds:

Ring around the rosey,
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, ashes,
They all fall down.

So does the city and the magic blue box, if you watch it long enough.


^^Good Points^^
Well, it's good to have you along in the SSC. I really liked this episode. it was funny how everything was upside down, and then when everything, even the little blue square fell to their deaths was great. Great, original drawings as always, and very original submission overall. Nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
You didn't really crop the cityscape too well. Sometimes I could see the sunshine behind it.

Omgee responds:

Yeah, I noticed the sun showing through on the cityscape after I spent about 45 minutes Photoshopping every last little detail of that frigging tower and crane. Decided to leave it alone, since I was kind of getting sick of Photoshop.

Just pretend that it's the sun reflecting off of the shiny bits! :)

Thanks for the great review and the warm welcome.

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3.66 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
12:58 PM EDT