A review by Eric Bauman

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This is one of my first flashes, it isn't the most wonderful flash ever made, in fact far from, but of my other ones I believed this to be submit-worthy. I worked hard on it & I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Watch the whole thing, please don't auto-vote. I suggest you go and watch the flash movie that this is reviewing here; http://ebaumsworldsucks.
com/ebaum.swf (If you havn't seen it, you may not get some of the comments... or wisecracks morelike)



Well, besides the obvious sadness here, I'd oddly enough like to give Bauman some points, since most dictionaries will tell you that a slut is almost always a woman. Now of course in today's modern society, slut has been and typically stands for a person of any sex that is immoral or dissolute. Slut can also be used to describe a prostitute, which as well all know can be male or female as long as their selling.

Just thought I'd say it since...slut is technically women oriented...American Heritage Dictionary has it as a person though....so uh...yeah...in his obviously oblivious to the world face.

Otherwise, I think all other points have been well covered in previous reviews.


This flash is pretty bad. Sorry for being blunt about it but it really is. But Eric Bauman still is a retard. A very slutty retard.

Cock Sucker

He sucks he does steal things and you can steal things on the internet cause you can steal someones pic if you hack someones account on stickarena[example].An he is a man slut cause hes a cock sucker.that gay bastard he sucks his mommas cock cause thats what he does and he sucks again he sucks lol wikiapedia can be edited by anyone so this thing sucks ebaumsworld.com sucks again he sucks his moms cock and hes gay the things gay hes a liar he sounds like the guy who sits and plays d and d and wow all day cause it sounds like when he talks his cheeks touch so again he sucks ebaumsworld.com sucks hes gay hes a man slut and hes gay again PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!


ha eric BALLman never denys the male prostitute, maybe he should call my brother he would be erics whore........for the right price

A first

Nicely done, the animation leaves a lot to be desired but it's your first so I wont rate it. Still funny.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
5:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody