A review by Eric Bauman

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This is one of my first flashes, it isn't the most wonderful flash ever made, in fact far from, but of my other ones I believed this to be submit-worthy. I worked hard on it & I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Watch the whole thing, please don't auto-vote. I suggest you go and watch the flash movie that this is reviewing here; http://ebaumsworldsucks.
com/ebaum.swf (If you havn't seen it, you may not get some of the comments... or wisecracks morelike)



Heh, that was okay I guess. Listening to some nerd try to explain why he stole all those clips is pretty funny, I must admit... Though you should work on the animation, I still liked it kind of. It looks like he's saying, "Wlaloo!" over and over and over... 0.o


Is that really Eric Bauman coz if it is he's really nerdy.

although u didnt bother syncing it

the points you raise are valid and the world should hear this. maybe u should try syncing in future tho

linktwin responds:

yeah, I will try to sync the next one... When I played it though, when I pressed stop the sound continued... :S I will try the advice the last person gave me, and hopefully that will work for my next one. If it does it will be properly synced and not just a shabby animation attempting (poorly) to create an illusion of syncing. Thanks for the review, the points I raise are valid (I think) and it would be great if the world heard this. (and saw these points as valid.) It would be awesome if it ended up on ebaumsworldsucks.com ^_^

these thing would make it better

make the text and what his saying be in time make his mouth look like wat he is saying and change the background to go with wat his saying if u did these things i would give it a 4 or 5 instead of a 3 in the vote section


I didnt really like it at all

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
5:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody