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A review by Eric Bauman

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This is one of my first flashes, it isn't the most wonderful flash ever made, in fact far from, but of my other ones I believed this to be submit-worthy. I worked hard on it & I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Watch the whole thing, please don't auto-vote. I suggest you go and watch the flash movie that this is reviewing here; http://ebaumsworldsucks.
com/ebaum.swf (If you havn't seen it, you may not get some of the comments... or wisecracks morelike)


Pretty good.

Generally, a good job. Obviously, the visuals were lacking, but Lemon Demon made up for it.

lol he sounds funny

dont know anything about this whole internet row but it sounds like a very classical case of undeniyable stupid thief who likes to flaunt the law like he knows what he is doing vs. everyone else with rock solid evedience to his crime.
by the way what do you mean it went unpunished? wouldnt he be sued and his web site deleted?

to kyakya
do you mean after they do his law stuff? hmm im gonna guess bondage.

to streetbob
i also agree with you there are more holes in the story that a weak man who has offended the mafia.

to icefire1535
if he does try and water mark us, then god help us...no wait a second god help HIM.

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He didn't deny the male prostitutes!!!!!

He is an asshole, bitch, idiot, and a slut.I wonder what he does with the prostitutes?

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he is a moron

does he really think hes fooling anyone with that story i mean god theres more holes in that stary then swiss chesse

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he dident say advertizements

hesead ad-ver this-munts he is a ideot his story has holes in hit and h dident know thare thare are guy sluts out thare. god wjat a muther-ass-fucking-fuck-tard

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
5:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody