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This is one of my first flashes, it isn't the most wonderful flash ever made, in fact far from, but of my other ones I believed this to be submit-worthy. I worked hard on it & I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Watch the whole thing, please don't auto-vote. I suggest you go and watch the flash movie that this is reviewing here; http://ebaumsworldsucks.
com/ebaum.swf (If you havn't seen it, you may not get some of the comments... or wisecracks morelike)



is that what he sounds like?

where did he review this?

could you give me a link to where this video or whatever is....so i can tell him what what I think there instead of on this flash...

It was okay...

I liked the flash, but the animation sucked. People usually don't move there lips when they're not talking. Moreover, how the hell did this get on the Lemon Demon page?

ya right

eric give it up because ur not going 2 fool us with the i did nothing thing because u need 2 stop stealing dumbass. also i think the latest guy that wrote a review is wrong. i've seen better claymations made by a webcam with better graphics

I liked it!

This has good meaning, And i thought it was catchy and drawn nicely. People who rate this anything below a 7 prolly' hasn't tried to create a flash before :].

EbaumsWorld Is not Technically by Law Stealing content, but you can't say he doesn't make money off of the content he puts on his site. What 'Ebaum' does is Steal content and when some people see it, they spread it through word of mouth, getting more people to look at his site, therefore getting more hits. The more hits his site gets the more money he gets paid for the ads getting put on his site. (Hits=$4Ebaum)So, Technically he does make money from 'stolen' content being put on his site. By our beliefs and not the extent of the law, he is steal, and I believe he is stealing content from other sites. Things he steals from, lets say Newgrounds, attracts people who don't know Newgrounds But know 'Ebaums' world will tell others and get more people to give Ebaum...more hits...

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
5:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody