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This is one of my first flashes, it isn't the most wonderful flash ever made, in fact far from, but of my other ones I believed this to be submit-worthy. I worked hard on it & I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Watch the whole thing, please don't auto-vote. I suggest you go and watch the flash movie that this is reviewing here; http://ebaumsworldsucks.
com/ebaum.swf (If you havn't seen it, you may not get some of the comments... or wisecracks morelike)



I've always hated eBaums world, its just a website hosted by a dumbshit asshole who believes he is supierior to everyone else. I literaly dream of killing him slowly and painfully. his ignorance is unimaginable. He does not understand the factor of tradmarking and permission.

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That was kinda lame

That was okay I guess. There were alot of structual problems with it. Like how he kept on talking and how the audio clip never completely synced up with everything else. It cuts out before he stops talking and before the side text stopped updating.

As far as making money, he did make money. While he didn't SELL any of the stolen works, he put advertisements on his site. A site which no one would go to if it wasn't for all the featured, and by featured I mean stolen, works on there.

The foot traffic made it possible for him to get advertisements, and therefore make a profit off of something that wasn't his.

And even if anything I said was completely wrong, it doesn't change the fact that Eric is an apparent deuche bag would be basement dweller [if not for his stolen money] who can't admit to his own shortcomings, simply becaues he's able to toss himself off at night. I'm sure if it ever came back to slap him in the face, I'm sure he would be pointing fingers and "BAAAAWWW"ing.

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Did he really write all that? He is such a fucking piece of shit.


This flash is pretty bad. Sorry for being blunt about it but it really is. But Eric Bauman still is a retard. A very slutty retard.

Some people!

Eric truly is a retard... and this is coming from someone who usually praises people and doesn't like to fling names around lightly. "Stealing is only when you sell it"... pffttt. Gods. Anyways, love you guys! I am a big fan. Keep up all the fabulous work! All my 5s are belong to you! =^.^=

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2006
5:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody