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Ragnarok Legend: Ep 1

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This is the first episode of my new series I began working on entitled Ragnarok Story. This is the first episode and is basically an introduction to the storyline of the series. Depending on the score this gets, I either will or won't continue the series. (Please watch this movie in it's entirety before voting) P.S. for you who don't realize it, this series is based loosely on the Final Fantasy series of games.

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this flash is good

i really hope that u make more more flashes in this series. its great for a person who just started doing flashes. i suggest that no matter wat the other people say, u should keep doing these flashes

well done

i think you have done very good here i like the music the only problems are:bad graphics d d on the devil scene you cannot read the writing i hope that you reply to this message though untydy

Darcath responds:

I see. I have gotten private messages from some people telling me that they couldn't read the writing in the devil scene. I am fairly sure that if you computers brightness is lower than some others you prolly can't read it, but my computer is bright enough to read it fine so I didn't notice.

what the fu*k...

1. The graphics suck.
2. The storyline sucks.
3. You stole half of the flash frm final fantasy..

Honestly,the characters sucked,if your gonna animate seriously (like you did here) at LEAST get better graphics. If it's not fbf it's no trouble animating better graphics?

Darcath responds:

Ok I am honestly not understanding this whole thing abou tpeople getting pissed about the Final Fantasy stuff. I Didn't STEAL a thing from final fantasy first of all. It was all an homage of sorts. Like I got the idea of the captain looking kind of like Cloud from in FF7 where cloud *supposedly* used to work for Shinra as a *Soldier*. And besides that I had 2 names associated with the FF series, Masamune and Ragnarok. And Ragnarok Isn't really stolen besides the name beause it is the name of the planet that the story takes place on. Oh and one more thing....before you tell me I suck.

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Flash by terraflare:
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You have a nice day now.


Thanks for using my song man, i worked well with the scene you used it in. Although it was compressed quite alot, so you couldnt hear the beginning, next time, cut out the bits of the song you dont need, and it should make the file size smaller.
Anyway, back to your movie. I REALLY loved the story, it was definatly FF inspired (but i cant talk, cause so is myu music) it ranges from comedy to serious emotions between the alien dude and the captain. Graphics werent great, but hey, you're new, dont let the others get to you, newgrounds tends to be very elite. At least you got out there and tried, they have submitted no flashes themselves. So yeh, keep it up. Use my music for your next eh? :P

Darcath responds:

I found so many songs in the audio portal under your name that I can see fitting perfectly with my next episodes. I think you can prolly safely say that at least one of your songs will be included in every episode.

Not too Bad..

I was sorta bored in the begining, and was gonna give up but the plot really caught me.. actually masamune caught me cuz i love FF and i thought to myself EDGE!!! could it be?!?!? why not give him murasame too? well anyways back to the flash( went into a final fantasy tangent there lol) like everyone has said, graphics graphics graphics, its hard to stay hooked when its bland, but i see what you were going for, not too detailed characters, so its not so hard to animate. Just try a new version, even go stick figure, some great flashes are stick figures like Jeneba episodes.... maybe make some better music to go along with it too, the music with the capt. and soldiers wasn't too hot. But i can see myself watching for new episode of this if you just redid your characters... we are not asking for a lot just something more eye catching all around... keep trying, you got my vote in the flash portals =)