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Dumb Bunny ep.1 Pilot

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Author Comments

As I was saying this is only really a test. Let me know what you think of it so far because I got really bored with it and just want to know if it's worth finishing the right way. L


BY the way every episode bunny is gonna die in freak accidents i just got bored with this one.

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You wanted critiques...

Ok, here goes... I thought the art was pretty good, not much animation though. What little motion there was seems to need a bit of work to smooth it out, make it look a bit more like real motion. The audio was a little overmodulated, bring your level(s) down a little & it should fix that problem. Now for the writing: It seems this was sort of a "just whatever popped into your head" type of session with a mic, seems like nothing really popped in there though. You might think about just taking a break from it when you get bored, instead of just ending it. A story of some sort would help tremendously, perhaps a twisted version of "Peter Rabbit", or even an animated version of your favourite dirty joke starring Dumb Bunny. Give your character(s) something to do & a reason to exist other than to take up space. Maybe give him a job, or a reason to go to the doctor, or a girlfriend, or something other than just standing there & doing nothing but farting once in a while. He can do anything: shoot carrot juice in his veins, boink all the girl bunnies (bunnies are good at this), have an accident with fire, take on a hunter, go fishing, cross the road, get used as toilet paper by a bear, etc... Use your imagination, the sky's the limit. I hope you find some of this useful. Regards, ZB

Slow-moving, but a nice start.

Well, the graphics weren't too bad. The background was pretty simple, and everything was drawn realtively well. (The grass could've been a bit more detailed, but I'm satisfied with what you had). The sound quality was pretty good as well. The plot was kinda slow-moving, and the intention of it being hilarious didn't translate very well. The bunny felt more ignorant than dumb, basically. Not too bad considering it's just a pilot.


You win! Keep up the good work! ^_^!


now that's the first good flash that i've seen today. all the other ones are crap. good job! i look foreward to seeing more. oh, and dont make it loop. make a menu where it can play. overall, it was nice.

Found it boring...

It was pretty boring, to be honest. Nothing happened, other than him farting and getting a knife stuck in his head.

Not really funny either, if you were trying to make people laugh. I chuckled the first time he farted, but I expected more out of this.

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
9:17 PM EDT