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Imaginary Friend

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My second Flash animation, about a little boy who creates an imaginary friend who follows him through life, long after the boy has forgotten about him. It's a tragic tale of friendship and love.

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UPDATE: Woohoo! Daily 2nd Place!
UPDATE: I woke up this morning to find this on the FRONT PAGE! Wow! Thanks!!!



That was crazy. That really touched my heart. I didn't like how the imaginary friend was a fog thing almost all of the animation tho. Altogether, it was a great job.

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Simply fantastic.

That was amazing.

I never thought a flash could move me so much, but it really tugged at my heartstrings, almost felt some tears coming along.

Perhaps the greatest art shown through flash i've ever seem.

Great job.

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OK you made me think about what will happen to my grandparents when I'm in collage.It's just really emotionall.I do have a im. friend right now he's a hummingbird that looks like a man.And now I have something to confess........................I'm 9 years old.*crys**crys**crys**crys**crys**cr y*crys*s*

Just one question...

My only mild gripe is that you kept the imaginary friend in fog form for much of the animation. I expected him to revert to the form of a boy at the grave scene, or at least try to tug on the man's pants again at some point. Did you have any particular reason for setting it up that way, or was it just easier to animate?

I think that you've created something here that nearly anyone can relate to. Many of us had imaginary friends when we were young, and yet somehow it feels like these figments of our imagination follow us throughout our lives. You're absolutely right: What we create does always stay with us through our entire lives, whether or not we are aware of it. "Well done" simply does not suffice for this. "Thank you" is much more appropriate.

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Bad-Atom responds:

Thank you,

There were two reasons behind changing the form of the imaginary friend. One, once the boy moves on and forgets about the imaginary friend, the imaginary friend had no reason to remain the little boy and became the glowing blue mist. Sort of a manifestation of pure thought or consciousness. Second, the thought of the friend remaining a little boy the whole time would make it even more depressing. A little boy waiting beside the grave would have been too much.


Dude i almost cried at the end

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4.13 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
8:41 PM EDT