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Warning: This movie will appear "weird" and somewhat "random" to many of you people and I suggest you do not watch it if you're not into that sort of thing. IT HAS NO OBVIOUS PLOT, but I put quite alot of time into making the unicorn encounter, so I hope you enjoy the visuals. It's also my first approach to some sort of manga style.

Update: Thank you for frontpage! Also, thanks to all you who have reviewed and voted fairly.

This whole toon is based on something a friend once told me about how to get girls. The dialogue between the girl and the boy is in Swedish and it's not supposed to be faked japanese.

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Brilliant shit!!!! I laugh my ass off!!!!!!


im hopefullly gonna start reading mange when i get to my local book store, and every manga animatio i see hear make me what to go and by one... lol im lazy.. great movie though

Mouflon responds:

7 years ago I could never have guessed that I would turn out like a total flaming weaboo like this. I actually used to despise the stuff, but now I'm obsessed :D

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you could appreciate it despite its incoherency. I will make more. ^^

that was awesome

the graphics
the animation everyting about was brilliant

and dont worry about story because i understand


animation was good but too short needs more sex humanoid or equestrian

Greetings, fellow fat-paier.

I think it was good. I also think it needed to show teh seks scene with the unicron.
In fact, it is the cartoons biggest fault - promising unickorn sexs and not showing any. That made me sad TBH.

That will be all.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
7:37 PM EDT