Master Breakout

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I like this game, even though it had an unoriginal concept (I've played games like this), it was fun to play but got repetitive later on. I didn't like how the instructions are too vague: it should have told us we could destroy the bricks and what each powerups do. However, what else I liked were the neat backgrounds, the graphics, and the smooth gameplay.

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this is pretty good

you should have a lil more power ups and stuff like that but exept for that last part this is a rlly awesome game:D

Not bad.

However there are areas which should be fixed. When you click to start the ball going you should have it launch from thr paddle instead of midscreen, it cost me a few balls. You should have speed gradually build up in the ball, because it moves pretty quickly in no time, and cost me a few balls.

Give the player time to learn the speed of the ball. The simple presentation was good. I liked the 3 color backgrounds. Very simple,kinda stylish, and it fit with the music.You should have at least 3 or 4 tracks instead of one, by the way. That one song gets tired really fast.

Next time you might want to make the graphics cleaner, maybe make the backgrounds nice, clean, vector art and
the blocks,paddle and such,simple two-color objects,and when you hit the blocks, they could fade to white and dissapear, like the whole thing is played in a virtual environment. I could go on and on
about things you could do to improve this, but I'll stop here, because I've talked to much already.

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Overall ok

It was ok but after level 10 it got a little boreing. I think the levels should have satyed around the same Time-it-takes-to-beat thing

Same old game, but It's fun!

I enjoyed this game. The backgrounds were cool, and the best part that makes this rendition different is that it's easier to get extra lifes. Well done.

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
6:27 PM EDT
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