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The new guy's a mummy!

Comments and suggestions are welcome, I love reviews.

*personal note*
This was just an idea I had in my head and I decided to make the recording, then I animated some of it and I really liked it. This was really fun to make and good practice for facial expressions and hand drawings. Making funny stuff rocks. Thanks to denvish for making the open source navigation bar.



The animation was what made this one great, the exact same cartoon with crappy animation wouldnt have done so well. The humor was pretty good, but definatly not the funniest thing in the world. The voice acting was superb. A thing that could have been funnier was when he said "cuz in real life your ugly under there. Like Nicholas Cage Ugly". Rips on random celebrities always help the humor in my opnion. Or should have made him say something more funnny and random in that same line, like "cuz in real life your ugly under there. Like as if a dirty aids ridden pirate hookers cum rag got ingested by a man dying of nuclear radiation poisoning, where it came to life due to the radiation and got shit out by the dying man only to be set free where it had sex with a cocker spaniel with 2 legs. You are the offspring" . . . man i should put that line in one of my own cartoons, you cant steal it now but you get the idea - randomness always helps

Coaly responds:

Yeah I need to work on my humor :( or just plan it out. That line is crazy...as hell...


Very funny... the facial expressions and arm stuff was great. Make more.

Coaly responds:

Thanks, maybe I will

Great and funny!

That was a blast! How could he get 100? he doesn't have any brains! Ok so the animation wasn't that great but it was comical and it kind of fit the situation. Some people have thier own animation styles after all and since I don't know anything about Flash. Hope to see another one of your submissions :)

Coaly responds:


Not bad

Not bad, but make the toolbar smaller or only comeout when u run your mouse over it. Also get a better microphone because it was kind of hard to hear what they were saying. Other than that good work. It made me chuckle.

Coaly responds:

Yeah the sound was worse after export for some reason, and there is a minimize on the toolbar


The script was definetly my taste and I found it very funny.
The voice acting is good, the microphone is bad.
Animation fits perfectly.
That time toolbar thingy is waaaaay to big and distrecting, I say take it off.

Exept those two things, I really liked it.

Coaly responds:

The sound was worse after export for some reason, I'll be careful next time. Yeah there is a minimize on it for that reason :D

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3.70 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
5:55 PM EDT
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