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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Jul 24, 2006 | 11:47 AM EDT

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26/8/2006: Update - New version. Now also has WASD controls, and for people who cant find the return key, you can now also press E.

Note: People complaining about the aiming - This is intentional and part of the game. Different weapons have different shooting accuracy, if you want to shoot accurately from distance, use a rifle, otherwise get closer! Its the same code for the alien fire as yours, so they dont get any unfair advantage as far as shooting accuracy goes.

Do battle against an alien race on distant moons in this futuristic side scrolling shooter. 12 randomly generated moons, with 36 randomly generated levels.
Different everytime you play it.

Please note that this game is not supposed to be a frantic flying through the air blast em up, its more tactical than that and if you use those tactics, you wont get very far. Use the terrain as cover and creep up on your enemy where possible.

Also note that this game was originally designed to be impossible to complete. It is very hard to finish but I know 2 people that have done it, so stick at it!

Hope you enjoy...



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I beat the game and got the 3 cheats at the end, but they don't seem to work. Other than that, I enjoyed it immensely


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty interesting

The type of weapon you choose dictates what accuracy you'll have.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars


probly the boringest game ever
no music and no lvl up weapons :[


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game should have a higher score....

Sorry in advance for massive review. But its worth reading it through if you have trouble with weapons
I only just finished the game...

Those who keep on about the accuracy:
1. Have you ever tried firing a pistol, while jumping, while being shot at, when the target is a LONG WAY AWAY? I hope not, in any case. Some people on NG probably have.... In any case, pistols are bad in terms of accuracy. They is for point-blank range stuff. Not sniper work. The jumping thing is true for ALL weapons as well. As is the shooting....

2. Particle rifles are nasty, yes. But why do you even go into the line of fire? Let the AI detect you, hide under cover, and possibly lob a grenade over to see if there are more enemies you cant see. Easy. or you can use a rapid-fire weapon and sneak-attack them. Just dont try an all-out gunbattle. Especially with an L1 pistol. If you have to, fire fast and get out of the way and hide for a while.

3. If you do have trouble aiming....why even bother? Spray and pray, my friends, spray and pray. With a bit of luck you'll hit SOMETHING, and if you dont, you provoke the AI into wasting ammo.

4. If you do not have patience, you will fail. How many times has this been said? Even if you use your guy as a human shield the first 10 times, eventually you should get through. Its a hard game, but not the hardest I've played. And whats the point of an easy game? They are often really boring.

6. And accuracy is not even a problem later on.....if you can get up to an L2 Laser Auto-cannon, you should have NO problems untill you can get more advanced/insane weaponary. L3 is better, and the Laser Rifles and the various particle guns are more accurate, but the L2 is common earlier on than the L3 & particle weapons. It also is relatively accurate (compared to pistol and L1) and has a decent rate of fire.

Though I do sympathise, it is hard to choose a weapon on first seeing it. So heres an overview of the weapons (not all names are correct):

Pistol: Use at close range, or not at all. Can be used for provocation, but its a risky thing to do.
Shotgun: Use at close range, except for the L2 and possibly the 3, which can be used cautiously to pepper multiple enemies at range. I have only used the 2 in this way, so I cant say much about the 3.
Laser Rifle: A snipers weapon. Use to provoke enemies into emptying their guns. Then pick them off with headshots. Or just snipe from the beginning until all enemies are dead. Be careful of the low rate of fire, it can catch you out. Also do not use the L1 in later levels. Do not use where there is little cover.

Laser Autocannon: L1 is not good. L2 is great when it comes in, and is always fun to use. L3 is an insane killing machine. Good for everything except bombardment, since you have to expose yourself to fire them.

Particle Rifle: Sniper weapon. Like Laser Rifle, except more powerful and faster bullets. Rate of fire much the same. Use for same things as Laser Rifle.

Particle Auto-cannon thingie (or whatever its called. The gatling): Like Particle rifle, except firing lots of shots very quickly. Usable for just about everything except bombardment. Watch your ammo.

Plasma Auto-cannon: Use for bombardment and mid-range work. basically like the laser one, but the shots explode. Do not fire at close range. Lower rate of fire than laser, higher damage. Slightly smaller average clip size.

Plasma Launcher (thing): Fires things like grenades. Grenade fragments into bomblets on impact, fires 3 little things into Long range bombardment ONLY. Fire from heavy cover.

RPG: Rocket with delayed explosion. Use at long range. Aim at ground near enemies-> rocket does NOT activate when it hits an enemy. Rubbish fire rate. Bad clip size. Not a very good weapon, but enemies are VERY good with it (get behind a BIG rock until they are out of ammo. Or drop them before they can fire), and if you learn to use it right, it can be a godsend in some situations.

I hope that lot helps, if not oh well. Just experiment a bit until you work it out yourself.

A great game...I wish there was more like this..

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DJStatika responds:

Great review, thanks


Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice ben how do u do it

sweet but when u shoot the shot it like having no accuracy at all any way ben how do u make awsome games like this tell me

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