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Incey Wincey

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Short movie about a spider. Yarly.

Oh, you might want to turn up your volume a bit.

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well done.

The mouse clicking thing to relase the spider was original.
I liked it.
The graphics were good and sthe soung playing with the movie fitted this flash well.

The only thing was, it was only a few secounds long. I wanted more! lol.

CardboardMind responds:

Good to know that the only thing people really bother, is the length. I'll do something about that.
But I like the panel dimensions!

Nice job!

Ha, I really liked this. The animation style was sweet; you've obviously got some great skills as an artist, and I think you'll do quite well here. Just make your next flash a bit longer, and definitely work on making the sound louder... I know you said to turn it up, but usually when people say that, the flash is a screamer gag. It's better to just make the sound louder to begin with.

Nice work, and you got my 5. Hope it helps.


This Flash was much better than I was expecting, especially because of the file size. I don't think you need much help in the animation department so the only constructive thing I can think of is maybe add more detailed shadows and textures. In any case just make a longer one next time because you do good work. Keep at it and you'll be well known to the Newgrouds community.

CardboardMind responds:

Shadows, yes. Kind of forgot about that. *slaps forhead* Would've made a whole lot of difference.


It's original i'll give it that.

I quite liked this, it was cute, but too short.
The animation was smooth and well done, yet it was a bit too small.
Now call me paranoid, but when you said "Oh, you might want to turn up your volume a bit" I could have sworn this was going to be another crappy attempt at a Screamer.
But hey, I liked what I saw and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Like you said...

Like you said its is short. It's about a spider i know that but what is the whole thing mean? Anyways its a good flash it just needs more to it.

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3.56 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
8:06 AM EDT