Kitten is Angry!

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I really like this song so I made a video of it.

Please review this movie for me.

And tell me what you think of the Lemon Demon Logo I drew for this.

P.S. Thanks for Frontpage and thanks to everyone who has reviewed this with thier thoughts!



if your cat is that crazy mine must be angels

I think my I.Q. decreased 40 points...

THAT WAS RETARTED!!!!! But the lemon demon thing was pretty coo

and you give animation tutorials??

the movie doesnt fit the song well at all, the graphics were tweened legs moving in slow motion. the drawings werent bad, but the whole thing was so boring i kept turning it off and forcing myself to start it again so i could say i watched it, and am writing a fair review.


the song was cool but... the flash is retarded.

sorry. =\

Mathematics At It's Finest

The animation was pretty basic but well done none the less. At least it's better then stick people...

The sound makes me want to get out my protractor (which I have not used since high school). You might be asking yourself, "Why do you want to get a protractor? Because I want to know the exact angel at which to shoot myself in the head and take out both eardrums at once. Then, even if I do somehow pull through I'll be able to avoid hideous music like that for the rest of my life.

Now I know music is all taste, etc. And perhaps it wasn't at it's best quality. But it sounded like the lead singer was re animated... No life or expression at all in the music. It was swill...

I completely didn't see the middle of the toon it was THAT bad. It was so bad that I ended up in my "happy place" halfway through. But I'm not watching it again... Oh no... Never again...


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3.92 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2006
7:44 PM EDT
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