Kitten is Angry!

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I really like this song so I made a video of it.

Please review this movie for me.

And tell me what you think of the Lemon Demon Logo I drew for this.

P.S. Thanks for Frontpage and thanks to everyone who has reviewed this with thier thoughts!



awesome and funny. "randomly attacking pieces of lint" lol ten for the funny stuff in it.

It's funny, cause it's true.

That animation about cats is so right on that it's no simple joke! Two of three traumatic things that have happened in my life have involved cats in some way. There used to be a strange, gray cat that used to hang around my neighborhood. I used to let it into my house and pet it and play with it and talk to it, and it goes on and off for two years. One day, out of the blue however, it bit me in the arm for no good reason! I had never done anything in my life to deserve that! Needless to say, I never let that cat in my house again. Than one time I was housesitting my neighbors cat, and somehow, I cut open one of the fingers on my left hand opening a stupid can of cat food for the cat's stupid supper! I had to get my finger stitched back together! It was agonizing! The worst part is, that finger still has a groove remaining from where I cut it. Even today, I won't open any kind of canned food unless I have a napkin or a towel to protect me! Unless the cat happens to be "Fritz the Cat, Garfield," or "Stimpy" from "Ren and Stimpy" fame, cats are nothing but trouble!

thums up

dude my cat jumped when i waz listnin 2 dis song its hilarios

Thats why i like hamsters

they dont go crazy and rip of limbs. Great flash im still laughing. I cant wait to see others


I also have a cat like this. She's a total bee-otch. great song.

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Jul 23, 2006
7:44 PM EDT
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