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Dusky Elves: Seligen

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Author Comments

Seligen - The seligen fraulein is an elf known throughout germany and australia. They ar e only safe from the "wild manner" if they can fin d a tree stump with three crosses.

Wild Manner - Storm-causing giants who are overtaken by a derstructive fury early each spring.

Wild Hunt - A train of elfin or giant beings, raging through the landscape with force and violence, giving rise to storm and winds, uprooting trees and spreading destruction in it's path.

This cartoon is based on Nancy-arrowsmith's book about the little people.

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The graphics were... rough
Some things were only out lined and not coloured
The animation was... stiff
The sound was alright
The narration was difficult due to your accent and poor microphone

I really had difficulty following it... incoherent...


This is quite interesting, I admit that it was a bit hard to understand the narration, but I understood most of it and this is very a nice flash you've made. I like your style a lot, hehe keep up the good work!~ ^_^

d-z responds:

Thanks again!

visually great.

soundwise, not so much. I couldn't make out half of what was being narrated.

d-z responds:

The wild hunt was once racing throught the forest. A shepere d heare d a savage howl as the hunt passed by and caught a glimpse of something white between the trees. He thought it was a selige and laughed to himself because he knew that there is no crossed stumps in the forest. "Hey you old goat! Have a great hunting and bring me a piece tomorrow!"
The wildman didn't answer , and the shepherd laughed at his joke. The next morning he got his answer. Terrified the sheppered grabbed his axe, and quickly chopped down a fir tree, hacking three crosses in the stump. As he made the final cut, a storm broke loose and drove him back to his hut. The bloody carcass was gone from his door but it's memory remained vivid in his mind.


I love the movie but some Graphics aren't great but keep at the good work.

d-z responds:

Glad to please!

Very artsy

I enjoyed this movie ... the concept of story-telling is very underused around here and the fact that it was very artsy and abstract added more to this submission ! By all means , keep up with the good work!

d-z responds:

Glad to please!

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2006
11:30 AM EDT