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Hello to you all.
I am back with another worm based flash.
Its a Max payne parodie with parodies inside it.
This took me like forever, but its finaly done.

HOLY ****... Front Page again !!!
everyone who made is possible: THANK YOU :D



this is one of the worst excuse as a movie and there for a pile of shit its almost as boring as going to the DMV but so i dont sound like an asshole i did like the hamtaro part and robocop.

Jack-Mace responds:

you cant win them all.. you prove to be a real critic..so what..B what you whant 2 B , not my bisness

not really that good

didnt really find it entertaining or interesting at all, it was very repeditive. I liked some of the weapon designs but the animation in general looked pretty plain. Also you load the movie, press play, then watch the opening things, then press play again. which I throght was pretty dumb. I movie is currently on a 4.24 score out of 5. Im gonna give it 0 cause I think it needs to be around 3.5

Max Drain.

There's no denying it, I love Max Payne, the style and feel is supurbly unmistakable, the sights, the sounds... the flying sideways guns akimbo as bullets skim your sideburns... Feel the Payne!

Not to slight on worms either, the feeling of beating incredible odds as you lob a banana bomb down a rabbit hole that the whole opposing team happens to be standing above.

So when I see a flash about it, I chuck my own bullet time moving my mouse to play it. Unfortunately I was very disappointed, there was no feeling, style or plot which gushed out of the original games like an upturned bucket. You're a magician! You managed to take two brilliant games, put in a massive amount of animating time and skill; coming out with very little in the end. I still wonder how you managed it!

Unfortunately; what you have managed to created is just another stickfight, with as little redeeming value, to be compared with the five second stick movies that manage to fend off blamming for the better part of an hour.

You've got trememdous skill, of that there is no doubt; but can you build on little stick people shooting eachother? I don't think so. I suggest you find someone who can write a great original story, and then animate it. Hell, I'll even write a story for you! I hate to see good talent go to waste!

Let me know.

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Jack-Mace responds:

DUDE...agreed.....it is a bit (way to much) not worms anymore. im sorry about that, but then again. i had'nt have to read this review if you read the author file ant the end under the extra's. but dont worry... i have not bin defeated yet, ill create a very basic "restile" single player worm animation. I realy like worms, but to be hounist... this realy was a big experiment, and you disliked it with good reason.


Yeah yeah yeah...

With a game like worms, there's ample opportunity to make a fine flash movie...and this is a perfect examle of how that opportunity is almost constantly squandered. There's some sound effects taken from Max Payne, and a few other vague modifications but overall it's just some worms killing each other in a way that is both unoriginal and unfunny.

Jack-Mace responds:

fair enuff..
cant satisfie everyone...

not wat i was expecting

To be honest i didt like it
II thought it was gonna be more realistic than that

Jack-Mace responds:

what else did you expect of worms...

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Jul 23, 2006
11:01 AM EDT
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