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It has been a long time since i've really visited this site. I submitted this old flash way back that was called Resident Evil Flash Intro. It was going to be a game based in the RE universe but I really hated the graphics since it was bad mouse drawings and the main character was a chump.

Anyways over the next few years I worked with a small team to release Biohazard Code:Red. It was going to be an isometric adventure game where you would play as 3 umbrella agents (one of them Hunk from RE2). Unfortunately things were going well them I lost a good team member who disappeared and the project pretty much disappeared.

I'm showing this mostly because of a friend of mine who is just made the front page for Resident Evil the Escape. Who knows, maybe if there is interest in this I may resurrect it in some form but i'll probably help with the sequel to the Escape first.

Hope ya like it Adam :P


cant wait .

cannot wait for the game.awesome

Hmm...seems interesting.

If this ever sees the light of day on this site as a flash I am sure going to check this out. I always wondered if Umbrella would have checked the remains of the mansion after the incident in the first game.

So if it comes out, I would love to see what story you and your team have created. By the way, which ending are you going to go for in your story? The official canon one, or perhaps one of the other endings?

Looks freakin' awesome

This is looks freakin' awesome dude. Just keep your focus on this flash and you'll have a surefire masterpiece

Good looking.

I like the character renders you have there, pretty nice.
And I'd like to see what story you've come up with too.
You teaser has me interested. Will this be a Flash, or a

JeyhuGAW responds:

It was originally an isometric tile based world but then we started making prerendered 3d backgrounds like how the original one was. Flash I'm sure would have been able to handle it.

you're right that is a teaser

i was thinking i was about ot hear about bioharzard and pops up umbrella and S.T.A.R.S. Nice really is unique

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Jul 22, 2006
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