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2006 Spoon Shorts 1

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Three short animations I put as one submission. Not about spoons, really, more-so about cows, giant fish, and muffins.

Fixed some things, for your viewing pleasure.

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So why call it Sppon Shorts when it has so little to do with spoons? Other than the title it's a great submission. I love the facial expressions that the characters have. The graphics are all pretty detailed with good shading, smooth movements etc, and the plot is absolutly hillarious. Keep up the great work!


LusikkaMage responds:

They're called Spoon Shorts because "Lusikka" (in my username) means Spoon in Finnish.


That fight was hilarious. great random ideas. You should continue the Fight scene though.

LusikkaMage responds:

I just now re-watched it and realized how random the fight was. XD


Very good on this one, made me laugh and some of your ideas were well placed, but i especially love the effort towards the characters and backrounds very nice work indeed, keep at it.


I am that Pat

Seriously, I got ownd by a giant fish.

What more can be said?

(Other than the obligitory statment that cows are evil aliens)
(and that I hope I somehow make it into the sequel... *ahem* Rachel...)

LusikkaMage responds:

Lol, did you make an ID just to comment? XD

I'll think about a sequel. I'm also thinking of several other-styled serieses with friends as characters. :P

Everyone give it up for Mr. Pat, the insane guy who fights the fish in my video. XD

I like it

some bits flashed by a little too fast, like the credits.

the movie choice buttons don't work right because they take you through all the movies. 1 takes you through 123; 2 takes you through 2+3.

The third one was the best, it was the funny one that we can all picture in our minds.

so why did you call it Spoon Shorts, then?

LusikkaMage responds:

"Lusikka" means Spoon. Thus, I am the Spoon Mage.

I did leave a menu button in the upper left, dunno, next time I'll add a "play through all" button and fix that.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2006
11:06 PM EDT