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Mr.MaN - Ep. 2

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here you would see the continuation of mr.man1 now already wide-awake it acts and it arrives an astronaut at its planet and one finds out and when seeing it part feels of and flees in its ship of its planet

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Johnys awesome review


Mr-Man responds:

yea is weird ( si es bastante raro aun para mi)

awesome, just like your 1st one

loved it, not much new to say after wot i said for the 1st one, but same applys for this one! hope you get front page! deserves it! i look forward to number 3!

the sites tellin me im righting my reviews with not enuff time to fink imbetween, so il right a load of bollocks that has nothing to do with the flash so that there happy, its raining outside :) bout fukin time, means we dnt have to carry the bath water downstairs to water the garden! :) plus its pretty. tryin 2 decide wever to go to a party tonight, not sure if up 2 it. if i get drunk il end up in a rely bad mood. my lip ring has got infected aswel ¬_¬ queer. maybe theyl let me put the review in now

Mr-Man responds:



Got to admit, you made a wierd movie there! But the black and white graphics were really good, they blend in with the atmosphere.
I'm going to tune into the first Mr.MaN and see what's good about that one!

Mr-Man responds:



It's like David Firth meets Alice in Wonderland. The most perplexing thing I've seen on the front page in quite some time. I don't understand it at all, and I don't really care. Hmm.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Mr-Man responds:

thanks, it is good for knowing that somebody appreciates my work, thanks again…

nice style

the gradients keep it interesting but the story is not well tied together. the translation must be direct from another program because the conversations were a little confusing. the hatching effect used on the guy at the end was well done, but didn't quite fit in to the style of the rest of it. needs some explaining.

Mr-Man responds:

thanks for the advice