Confined in Darkness

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edit (6/21/06):
cool. second place.



i like this flash, it has a good moral, and a good ending (i guess)

good graphics as well. it was pretty realistic.

good work

here is your cookie
(tosses cookie)

some good some bad

yeah it was allright, a bit bad a bit good
you need to learn how people work though, people do NOT talk like that in the real world, the dialogue and way things were said was pretty poor
also it was REALLY corney, waaaaaaaay to heavy with the whole moral of the story thing, in other wordss get a reality check, you write like a bad childrens author
sorry for the roasting but apart form that yeah it was pretty good.
i really like the animation where he asked her to dance an she ran away an everything splurged
anyway it'd be good to see improvements and keep up the work

it was ok?

i didn't get it, huge time waster:(

It was really dry....

I liked your animation but jeez take your own advice and go out and build a style! As for the moral of the story it's wrong. Sorry, but it is (at least what I got) you see missing your chance isn't the worst thing, it's making a dumbass mistake. Me and my girlfreind were taking a break and I saw a chance to kiss another girl I took it and now I don't even have a girlfreind (even the one I kissed). So it's not missing your "big" chance it's looking at what's stopping you and if it's not good enough pushing it aside. If it is be mature and wait. It fits this story, but I think you were trying to get it across to all areas of life (at least that's my take). It did inspire me a little, but like I said earlier get some style sheesh.

Sorry but...huh?

I didn't really get that. She didn't ask him and he got a girlfriend and then what? I'm sorry but it was a little bad. You're very skilled at art and animation but it just wasn't an entertaining cartoon at all. I know it's supposed to have some kind of moral but it just didn't cut it for me. Sorry. Oh, why was it called 'CONFINED IN DARKNESS'? I find it hard to relate the title and the story. <:/

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2006
2:20 PM EDT
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