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Mario Saves the Day!

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Author Comments

Warning, this is a sprite movie!

My second flash, it's a remake of the first that got blammed. I'm glad it did i got a chance to go back and make it the flash i knew it could be. Thanks to evry one who leftt advice after first one, double thanks to RussianSpy how gave me the insiration to continue flashing.

Enjoy the film.

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lol! that was awesome!


It was waaaaaaaay to short and it could use some work.


alright let's see, half of your movie's filesize is music. no wait, half of it is the music on the first frame. never ever ever put audio on the first frame, especially when you're using a lame preloader and a huge song that isn't compressed in any way.

ok also before i even watched this i knew exactly what it would be: a totally generic sprite movie. there is nothing wrong with sprites, no wait i lied, they show that you are not even capable of drawing a background or characters let alone animate them.

you don't have any voiceovers, hell not even robot voices. mouth movement is almost nonexistant and the speech bubbles were made with dynamic text, another oversight by yourself that makes it appear very sloppy. not to mention the egregious number of typing errors present.

the pacing of the movie is bad especially without any dialogue audio. the jokes are all quite cliche and fall very short. the presentation is also horrible as noted by the huge song at the beginning and the fact that the movie just returns to frame 1, it doesn't even stop!

why did i even watch this? i'll tell you. i was struck by your review of SS vs the KK and i noticed you were horribly misinformed. the kitty krew has no talent whatsoever and you go claiming that they do? i wanted to see if you even knew what you were talking about and i realize that you only know the bare basics of flash. try to get your head out from under a rock.

GiLligEN748 responds:

Well, yes i do only know the basics of flash. Because its my FIRST flash. Give a Noob a brake. My new flash is alot better, although it still has problems. I'm trying to learn, and its people like you that make people want to quit. I use sprites, because i always have, and i can't draw. I was using sprites beforei had flash. (i used to use powerpiont to animate isn't that sad, and i'm still addapting). Haveing said that. your review was very informitve. Once you get passed the abusive nature of it, there are some good points, and i'm sure i will inprove because of it. So for that i thank you.

Not that bad

Well for starters the background had low quality.Nextime save it as a .png for better qualit. The begining draged on real slow, tempting me to shut it off.The fight scene was good though.

GiLligEN748 responds:

Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that helped.

Good, with potential, but it can be better.

First of all, you've got a good idea to work with. The dialogues were really funny and the fight scene was good enough, even the one where Mario takes out the bazooka. However, I feel that the beginning is a bit slow. I lost ethusiasm right there, but then the fight scene perks it up. Perhaps some other sound effects or some spoken dialogue might help the first part.

Finally, the ending seems inconclusive. Maybe next time you could add a hint of what Bowser's gonna do with the princess, ya know. Save a good joke for the end. Anyway, I see a lot of potential in your animation and the story, you just gotta keep the timeline "moving". Congrats, and keep at it!

GiLligEN748 responds:

Thanks, i'll work on makeing a good script next time

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2006
6:43 PM EDT