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The Nothing Flash

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Its a flash....about nothing, Horray

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the flash was about nothing, but i liked it!

it was alright

not amazingly underrated, but it was kinda funny. a lot of the jokes weren't that funny. the fat girl and farmer with a beard part weren't funny, but the racist part was funny and the digimon in a nutshell, but you didn't make that. it was ok. Like said, the static could've looked a little better.

FrozenSheep responds:


no u r rasisst >:U

not bad, not bad. i have to say the guy screaming 'racist' really sounded like he was speaking into ice cream :P not a fan of bitmap-tracing, the first background buggest be a bit. same with that bottle of beer :/ the lip synching on the ghost was pretty off. but overall this toon was quite silly, with a bunch of randomness. i really liked the way the guy talking about chocolate spoke, but i didn't like how he wasnt off the stage, and you could see the lines :P also he looked quite silly when saying OMG! ^_^ crapmon was... crappy.. but durrrr. lastly, people with beards totally win, amiriet? the whole static thing is overdone, and your static could have used some work, but still a nice toon to watch ;)

FrozenSheep responds:

When i made this, static was still in.


that was great! OMG YOUR FAT!!

haha. good stuff there. Did you by any change used to be on like Knox's Korner or something like that? I used to be Blaze, and i seem to recall you from somewhere when you had just finisjed this flash, and you were showing it off.

anyways, good job

Nice job sheepy!

man i wish i could make flash this good and this funny!

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3.47 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2006
6:28 PM EDT