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Liquid Explosion Volume 1

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Welcome to the Liquid Explosion:One directors commentary , now the scene where mario was talking to the gopher - Samuel L. Jackson actullay re-recorded that line for authenticity. Also , the scene where bowser is dancing - he actually came to film that part while he was filming bowser story 4 - so he does do that head bop thing in bowser story 4.

*note- i need more voice actors for the next installments , if you would like to voice act contact me at aim: hypergoatmonkey or xfire: jmonkey21*

*side note- quack*

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great job!

This is like a new twist to dumbass mario. lmfao! I also liked how you used samuel l. jackson's voice in the middle of the movie. "does he look like a bitch"?. i never understood what that ment, iv'e heard it from some prank call using the samuel jackson sound board. this is not "overrated". you've made a flash that no one else could have thought of. (i think). this is different from all of the mario flashes. the bill cosby part was funny also. Samus ftl though; just an observation.

Pretty Good

Well, it could have been longer, and the voices werent all that good. As far as that goes, awesome flash


Where did you get such good voicing skills dude? I LOVE all of ur movies, but this ones the best!!!


that was completely random and i loved it


Wtf was that? Yeah Pulp Fiction was funny. Thanks Mr.Tarantino. The rest of this was just random sprite copy and paste crap. I know I can get into trouble for writing a review like this, but what else am I supposed to write? It was crap. I don't know. Work on actually making something? Instead of just doing a bunch of random sprite shit maybe? 0/5.