DCK Fanmail #1

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Cycon answers the first fanmail. Write to us at cycongod@yahoo.com.


So good.

Dude, since your first DCK movie you seem to have got alot more fucked up ^^' for that i congratulate you, seems that crude humour seems to work alot more than the occasional hidden joke.

That said the vileness of this one , made me laugh my arse off....twice, so good job, and keep em' cummin.

p.s see what i did there "cummin" ....*sigh*


veeeeeeery good, but when your going to put subtitles? i mean i got it al but i like the subtitles!


That was cool dude but the fanmail is right, why dont you get a job? A propper one?

Moment of your time?

You already know this flashs owns so I won't waste your time on it. I was hoping in the second fanmail you could show us who would win if Klunk got pissed and decided to fight Naruto. Thank you for your time.

Hmm...some thoughts but...

It was a chuckle though I am a fan of your work so I liked this short although it wasnt as funny as some.The snap at Legendary Frog was the funny part the sperm thing kinda was disgusting..and the whore in the back alley part I didnt get but was disturbing as he shot her she was already dead with that huge knife in her head unless I missed something.All in all I still liked it so 10 and 5 or whatever number matters for this thing to get points.It's been a while DCK since you made something dont keep us waiting make US LAUGH GRRR O.o ^-^...roflmfao lolrz OMFGWTFBBQ!!! and with that laterz.

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Jul 19, 2006
11:54 PM EDT
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