DanceBot 3D

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Because of the video's very large file size, there was not even enough room fot sound. Imagine some dance music in the background. Anyway, please tell me if you like the style, a lot of hard work went into it, being that it is over 2 and a half minutes. Well, please respond, and Enjoy!


Amazing graphics!

WOAH! These grapichs are amazing mate! Cheers!

Very VeryGood man!

It's awesome but u could've added some sounds like the sounds of the robot moving to make it more awesome, like those eeep and boooop and some electronic musik. overall, it was very cool

good work

it needed sound..but, i understand with the large file size issue, and i had media player going in the background so it was okay :) and it seemed to be in sync with the music no matter what song was playing..which was cool

5/5, and added it to my favorites, i enjoyed it

such a shame

it's a real shame about the lack of audio, espeicially since the robot dances. (hence the title) i also have trouble compacting stuff (i assume u do cause there was nearly 1meg left of space.)

Really good, needs sound though

I'm curious, was this 3DS max, maya, Swift, or what...

If you're using Swift 3D, you should try to export as a vector, so then you can make a smaller file-size, which should allow you to have music, decrease loading time, and avoid lossy compression artifcats on your raster.

If you're using 3DS max or Maya, I think Electric Rain sells a plug-in to let you export vectors. I might be wrong though.

Honestly, you have a lot of potential here, but Newgrounds is simply built for vectors, not rasters. So if you could turn all your rasters into vectors, you could make this a lot better.

Also, this needs sound, its very integral to the animation being effective.

As for your robot animation, it was very nice, but it seems that your raster compression techniques were lossy, which gives your movie an amateurish feel.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2006
11:10 PM EDT