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The Basics (Tutorial)

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**Note There is a preloader, but may appear late, just be patient please :)**

This tutorial is ideal for a first time flash user. It covers everything you will need to know to create a flash animation and get started in flash. Even if you don't have flash or if you aren't a beginner, please check it out and enjoy the fully functional, self crafted music player powered by the NG audio portal. I spent a lot of time on this tutorial and I hope you all learn something from it.


nice tutorial man i think its teh HAXOR

it totally helped me make my upcoming flash movies i coulda never done it with out you man

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

What a review! And I understand the 0 in violence this time :D

Great tut

Great tutorial for people who have just gotten flash. It shows alot of obvious things, but for a person who isnt familier with flash, this helps.
Good job.

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Thanks, I tried to get into real fine detail no matter how obvious it seemed. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review :D

Awesome tutorial for beginners

it was great. there wasn't any violence, but it wasn't need so that didn't effect your score. and this score is not affected by our friendship at all.

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Wasn;t affected by our friendship? Was that the truth or were you being sarcastic? I ould like to think it deserves a 5 be it we're friends or not.

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