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Well, this one has several changes. BBS users who post often must have seen Stamper's thread "Unicorns with Dicks for Horns". Well, this flash is a tribute! And for people who don't post in the BBS, I highly recommend you to, don't be ignorant about the NG jokes! Enjoy the 19th episode!

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Never thought of it that way.

__The Good__
The graphics were good, I liked the penis on the sun's head the the level icon was drawn very well. This flash series still has a nice style to it and the song is still amazing! I also thought this one was really funny. I never thought of level nineteen being a dildo. Also that subliminal message was hilarious!

__The Bad__
I'm glad you change the Tank up a little by putting Tom on it but I still wish you would take it out of the series. Hasn't it been there since the first episode?

__Over All__
Over all this flash was good. The graphics were nice and so was the music. Also this one was really funny. Next time you make a flash like this be sure to take out that Tank! Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!

TheSoulMan responds:

Ok :P

spiky dildo..

hah 19 is a pretty good level there are worse and there are better.

the graphics were good in this one, the dick was drawn pretty well also. the song is always great and so is the movy sun. this episode had some humor in it.

well the series is starting to get kinda boring

pretty good eiposde

TheSoulMan responds:

Lucky you, I didn't finish them.


That was penicornariffic, only it was a penisunshine, I guess. Great art, albeit a bit disturbing. I always did think that level icon looked like a dildo, though, so this level was a perfect way to pay tribute to Stamper's excellent thread.

And you drew that dildo pretty well, too. Maybe a little *too* well. :P

Excellent work, as always. I think this was one of the funniest episodes yet.

TheSoulMan responds:


Stamper is famous!!

Lol, I loved that thread... A Bit creepy with all the ms paints... but it was funny. Alouth I don't really see the point in these serias, I liked this one cause it had a tribute lol. =D.

TheSoulMan responds:


i knew it

i knew it,Newgrounds level 19 is a big dildo.

TheSoulMan responds: