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SSBM Collab

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*EDIT*: It's funny that all of the former collab participants removed their names from the credits XD haha I guess they were ashamed or something, but I am still happy to have made it as it was a nice experience to work with other authors.

HI everyone. This is a Super Smash Bros. Melee Collab in which 7 authors took part. They are:

They all worked hard to make this collab happen and showed alot of attention towards the topic on the BBS. I (LilDwarf) put the collab together and scripted it. We all hope you guys like it as much as we enjoyed making our parts.


Not bad

This was a pretty good collab with the Super Smash Bros. Melle group,the action looked good and i love the remix of the Super Mario RPG boss theme,overall it was a solid collab and i think everyone who contributed did a fine job on it.


So Mario beats up his girlfriend...Neat?

I hope what I say helps...

Listen, the idea was good. The delivery, however, was not so good. What I mean is that it was a great thought to make a SSBM flash collab, but no one really tried hard enough... The sprites were lazily positioned and the quality was lacking. You might want to incorporate more intense fight scenes with special effects and such. Also, there were many points without sound.

But after all of that, I'm just glad that at least in this collab there weren't any cock-jokes. Seriously, it gets annoying...

ANYWAAAY... I hope that what I just said helps you and your fellow collaborators in some way. You can improve, I know it!

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what was all about?
no jokes?
only fight?
Not what I expected, but the animation was good.

I was disappointed

Admittedly all the collabs I have seen have a wide spectrum of comedy in them. This i was expecting comedy but It wasn't delivered. Saying that the Artists must have gone thriugh a lot of hours to put it together. For that I thank them.

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