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Jul 17, 2006 | 6:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I respond to all reviews!

Hey again guys! I'm back with my second quiz, this one entirely dedicated the Newgrounds!! If you think you know Newgrounds, it's time to put your knowledge to the test and find out what you know!

PLEASE if you want to get the FULL entent of this game, don't go rushing around newgrounds trying to find the answers. This quiz is made to test your knowledge of Newgrounds, NOT to send you all around to find the answers.

Also, I noticed that you found my last quiz to be too "short", having 9 questions and a bonus. So, for this quiz, I have TWENTY questions! Think you can get them all right? Time to try it out!

The pictures I have put on this quiz do not belong to me. They were made by users on Newgrounds and other people, I did in no way help in the development of them. I am merely using them to aid in the flash quiz, and hopefully make it more enjoyable to play.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

So it's a quiz

A bit more life and animation would be nice. As for the questions, most of them are completely redundant, as batting averages and other statistics change all the time.

Nice try though. It wasn't appauling, but it just doesn't appeal to a wide audience, nor will it stand the test of time, considering the actual questions.

Billy-Bean responds:

I can't see how people can't understand the concept that flashes are changable, so if they change I can easily change it to match, or, say "Roughly," because it won't change all that drastically, with the large ammount of votes they had already recieved, unless they make a flash with a rate of .05, which wouldn't even make it past the portal.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

its ok

ey mate its ok

Ya might wanna use a bit more animation like when ya answer a question right and stuff but all at all it was ok :) keep on tryin and ya will make a masterpiece :)

Billy-Bean responds:

Thanks for the review. And sorry for lack of animations but I'm only a bit good in programming yet. I can't draw or animate so this is really the best I could accomplish. Thanks for positive feedback.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


Well here is the problem with this flash I will lsit the question and say why it is a bad one to ask.
Tom Fulp batting average. What happens when it goes below 4.20?
Are ou going to keep chaning the movie when ever it happens. I am not saying it will but it could.
The best author chulaid could easliy change too, polus his batting average, not to mention his portal awards.
I'm not sure if Xin is still in production or not, so it could change.
I am sure while Toms number of blams and saves will stay in the same area but I am sure his ranking will chagne as people pass him in exp and BP.
Vague question top ranked user on NG? In what aspect?
Since it is Pimp must be exp. then you ask his exp, well that will change tomarrow for sure.
LittleWashu just got the diety, so you know that could change.
Top BP person could change, I know for sure the number of blams and saves he has will change
I think you need better questions. People will not remember who was what on this date down the road.

Billy-Bean responds:

I could easily change it, or simply say "based on this time" and put the date. And XIN stopped at 18, it was the finale. Top ranked user in the aspect of "Top Ranked User," click on users. Pimp's experience will not change because it is maxed out. It's no trouble to chagne the flash and update if that may happen. So, by your review alone not only can I tell that you don't know too much about Newgrounds but also that you cannot grasp the aspect of "change."


Rated 0 / 5 stars

its already been done

this will never pass its already been done. try to make it fun like the newgrounds museum 2 did

Billy-Bean responds:

2.6528 / 5.0000 Won't make it huh? A lot of things have already been done. My flash may be about the same thing as theirs, but it's different. You vote based on this flash not others.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Too easy

Every NG quiz asks the same questions. And you just asked them all again. Btw Pico was not one of Toms first animations. He's been animating for years before Pico!

Billy-Bean responds:

Uhm, you're not suppose to judge flashes on other flashes. You're supposed to judge on it's own qualities. Thanks for review.