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Just a small string of 'micro flashes' strung together. Please vote fairly. I will respond to all reviews, so please dont hesitate.

Audio Credits:
Martial Artist: Fatboy Slim - Kung Fu Fighting Remix
Indian: Sugarhill Gang - Apache
Doom: NEDM
DJ: Rocco - Drop the Bass
Tricky: Run DMC - It's Tricky

Much <3 to Arskagarf for giving me some basic AS help for the menu.


Well it was happy, but maybe not fun

There was nothing more than just 5 tiny characters dacing to good music (The indian guy did nothing). I liked the character desgin and the overall animation was pretty good, but there was not enough content.
I do like those little things, I would like to see them in more than just a 5 seconds dacing loop because I'm sure you can do better than that.
It was not bad, it just lacked content, thus became boring real fast.

ZombiePanda responds:

Actually, there will be alot more of these characters poppign up in some future WOS collabs. There are already some showing my ways of animating them if you'd care to check out the WOS.


the begining was just blinking and that it i didnt feel like watching it all because of the first impression but i gave it a 2

ZombiePanda responds:

Do you not know how to click on things?

not bad

this was good the animation was a little chopy though. good music!

ZombiePanda responds:

Almost all of it is a smoothed tween. And yes, I also thought it was good music. Thank's for the review.

Okay.. I Guess.

Okay, just work on your animation. It wasn't choppy, it was just a bunch of tweens.

ZombiePanda responds:

Erm, K... Will do? Maybe my next one will be all FBF.


I didnt much care for it....untill you had jump on it playing for the indian. LOL. Thats funny. Go back and make the characters do some more stuff and it will be better.

ZombiePanda responds:

Heh. Thanks for the review. I'll work on the animations for these thigns later, for now I want to make sure my baby survives =)


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2.53 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2006
5:49 PM EDT
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