Castlevania: Wicked Child

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Update: Hey, thanks for front page! You guys are the greatest! And thanks to everyone for the nice reviews!

This is a music video set to the Chikusho Sound Team's Castlevania remix "Wickedest Child." I think that if you've ever played any Castlevania game, you'll be able to appreciate the situation depicted in the movie. I'd say it took about two months to make, but unfortunately those two months were four months apart. Some parts of it are a bit graphically intense, so I'd recommend medium quality.



JEEZ, I HATE FLEAMEN! Ahem... this was well done. I hope you'll make more little music videos like this. Good luck on future creations

The graphics: I found they were all right, great job on the clock tower.

Style: great idea and well executed. it also nails my immense hatred for fleamen.

Sound: I loved the music, and a nice touch adding the guitar playing axe armor and skeleton.

Violence: no blood was shed but thats alright. I can picture it, that merman never knew what hit him.

Interactivity: a play and restart buttons, all you need for a music video.

Humor: Dracula killed by fleamen, A thrown boot kills one fleaman, but theres many more behind him. Pretty funny.

Overall: there are some improvements that could be made, but it's not extremely necessary


I really like how, just before he starts running, he somehow has enough time to put his boot back on. Also, awesome running animation. I was laughing so hard I almost cried!

Btw, I can so relate. Played most of the Castlevania games and those little creeps were ******s!!

Exellent work!

You just dont know how much i identified myself with your flash, that happens to me EVERYTIME i encounter a fleaman, annoying pests. I loved your graphics, the characters were simple but the backgrounds are beautiful, and your tweens and frame by frame are simply impecable. You also sync-ed the song perfectly... This flash has to be in my favorite list!. (8/10) (5/5)

Connoisseur responds:

When I started making this video, I had no idea if everyone else hated fleamen as much as me. It's good to know they do. Thanks, reviews like these always make my day.

the skeleton guitarist XD

ahhhh i loved castlevania and damn! that was a nice remix of that song :D

Great sound & production

This video was really well put together. The animation is really solid and colorful. The use of characters in the game are well thought out and funny. The music and the way the characters and the scenery interacts with it was funny.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2006
5:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody