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Target Madness

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*Update* HOLY CRAP!!! Front Page! Thanks NG! This is pretty amazing! Also, I put the friend that helped me make this as a co-author.

This is my best flash (in my opinion) to date! Clocking in at a staggering 6 minutes and 42 seconds, I hope it rocks your socks off!
I've been working on this flash off and on since March 31 with a friend of mine. After working on it, then not working on it, then working on a different flash, then creating a website for a client, then graduating, then getting into college, then paying for college, then buying books for ungodly amounts of money, then working on it again, it's finally finished. It's basically about the Target working experience and how customers can suck it. Not all customers, just some. There are a few inside jokes that I should mention: Firstly a PDT is a device that could basically run the store if it had legs and arms. Secondly... damn that was all. Reviews are always welcome… and enjoy!

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You are awesome!

This video just made my day....:)


That was probably the best movie ive seen in quite a while.

"Based on a true story"

I think I see a few places where you took some liberties with the story. Very funny stuff, man.


That was so funny!
All started from that doll that the "fat kid" wanted.
Haha... hilarious...
And when the man said "You are fired!", he was talking seriously... the other guy burnt haha.
GREAT job!