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!Multi Player Game!

This game is coded and drawn of both of us(Regone and Lopas1)
Song By Dj-Dream

Player 1: Tap "a" quickly to win
Player 2: tap "l" quickly to win

Grab a friend or family member and start playing!
A game made in one day long ago!
First Regone made a bad verson then we put it togheter and made it better.
You may not love it as hell, but at least it's original
Enjoy anyway



Not a bad little multiplayer game. Very simple, yet could be fun for a few minutes if played with a friend.
The one major drawback is that it's too easy to cheat by holding down the A/L button. :\
Overall, a very original concept. Not a bad game. Cool song, too. :P

Need to change 1 thing.

For player 1, they need to click "A" 13 times.
For player 2, they need to click "L" 14 times.

Plus: you can hold them in. Just let the opposing player hit / hold their key in first. Then you hold in yours. If you do it just like that, you will always win.

Lopas1 responds:

The P1 13 times and P2 14 times are fixed!!
Both are 13 now!


It was ok nothing really interesting...

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That was a nice game! i playd alone and i won almost every time... :O

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Lopas1 responds:

Almost every time?? Omg you are good!

Very good idea

this game is one of the best ideas iv seen and i like it even thoe i played it with myself i still think it would be funny with 2 ppl sitin on one pc tryin to out tap the other,if this gets blamed then the ppl who blamed it will die in a tragic "acident"

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2.91 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2006
3:35 PM EDT
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