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(Guys, watch the whole thing before voting :P)
I drew some doodles, and put it to music! Dance and sing along! This is version 1.22. I added some little things and cleaned it up a bit. I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

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hey you should make more things like this for other songs it would be funny as hell =)


I dont see why the overall rating is 1.7
Its great. I think the people that rated this didn't really enjoy the origionality of this music video.

KapKyle responds:

Hahaha, thanks Evic! Yeah, someone said the first time I submitted it, "At least it was better than a bunch of stick figures mimicing The Matrix" Hahaha. :D I'm glad you liked it, Evic. You're gonna LOVE my next one. XD

Great job!

Hmm, I wonder what my DSM account could be :D

Anyways I liked it; better than what I could ever do! It made me laugh a bit as well. It could use some improvements, but overall I liked it.

Also, in the end, go to the last frame of the button and draw a big rectange that covers all the text. That way you can click on any part of the button. If you don't get what I mean PM me over DSM.

KapKyle responds:

Yeah, I get what you mean. Kinda like what's with the play button. I thought I fixed it, but I didn't realized I messed those buttons up until I uploaded it. I guess I'll try to fix it sometime. :) It could definately use a ton of improvements, but I don't think I'll be improving it any time soon. I like how crappy it is. It makes it nice and cheesy... my next flash won't be cheesy, but for this flash, I think it works good. Thanks for the review kevind23. ;)

I believe in Mako's.....

Hey, Kappy! It's me, Infinity on DSm.
That song is catchy.
The flash is... well, let's just say that I can do that.
(I suck at flash. :3)
Anyway, I learned it just by screwing around. I have a tendency to do that. :3

KapKyle responds:

Hey Infinny! Hahaha, yeah, I'm sure you can do that. ;) This wasn't really that hard to put together. I was just screwing around with this flash, and I learned a lot from making this. The song's very catchy. I wanted to make something with that song for a long time. Thanks for the review. :D


I know that I reviewed this, like, yesterday, but I liked it so much, that I watched it again. And again. And Again. And, well, you get the point. It's more pimp every time. But I'm just curious. How can people manage to use flash?! I have flash but i suck! How is it possible?! I have 3 books on it, but i guess im just too lazy to figure it out. LOL

KapKyle responds:

Pimpin'. :D Yeah, flash is very hard until you get used to it. Practice makes perfect. Lol, I'm lazy too. I was going to color this. :P Anyhoo, good to see someone is a fan of this. Thanks! :)

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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2006
12:47 PM EDT