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I worked really hard on this, and hope you enjoy it. This is the trailer for my season 3 satam sonic project. As many people know it was left at a cliffhanger, and if people thank this looks good enough i will do my best to make it into a fan series. I already have some writers that are fans of season 3 that are interested in writing the stories. Enjoy.

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on the right track

its very true that series (my favorite sonic series ever) was left on a very gripping cliff hanger. thanks for putting that in there (the eyes). just out of curiocity? who do you think they belong to? I always believed it was Ixis Naugus, but I could be wrong.

but yeah, accurate to the series, the graphics do need some work but thats nothing that cant be fixed with some practice. The sound was a really good plus, very crisp, and matched your animations feel very well. kudos on that.

i really look forward to seeing more of your work, so keep it up. and dont cross genres. if you put Big or Cream or whatever gay ass characters that series has in it to satisfy the Sonic X lovers, we Satam people would never forgive you. but this looks really promising, cant wait to see more.

I didn't like it to mutch.

I thought that movie sucked cus i like sonic and he died so i didn't like that part to mutch. I also thought the way that the movie was only 30 seconds long so that botherd me a bit to thats why poop makes this movie look good! :D

Very good so far

I saw your topic about this on the satamsonic forums, obviously your art quality with flash right now isn't as good as the cartoons however just keep practicing your drawing skills and you'll have a good enough quality art to be able to use for satam episodes (sorry if I sounded a bit harsh there).

I can see great potential in this, as long as you don't do a DCAarmus, please think through how much time your going to be able to spend making this, think through what other plans you have and what things are about to happen ahead, like College or whatever, if you're getting to a point in your life when any situation like that is happening and a huge load of your time is going to be taken then up then I wouldn't bother making this.

It's not just DCAarmus there are many other projects from other people I've followed like lots of flash games, Ocarina of Time 2d and flashes like Fallen Angel which have never made any kind of release thanks to not starting when the time is right or thinking through what's about to happen and take up loads of time. Like DCAarmus' project these projects that have never seen releases were all started like 4 years ago.

But anyway it was a very good flash indeed and I look forward to seeing episodes in the future, also cronicstoneremo I don't know if you watched the ols Snic Satam cartoon or not but the small bad guy is Dr.Robotniks' (not Eggmans') lackey, if you remember.


Well it was interesting, but you forget the old cartoons. Sonic was never really ment to be this bad ass super hero, he just wanted to have fun. That's what gave his character personality, not to mention his profound love of chili dogs. Oh well this is better than what Sega is putting out in it's games so I can't complain, good work!

huh...nice demo

btw i never knew that there was a skinny bald dude as an enemy or did u make him up...cause I thought there was only Dr. eggman

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3.41 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2006
4:17 AM EDT
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