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Sobe EarthBound

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I was watching some Vgdc movies, download a Sobe Commercial and here it is


not too shabby-very surprising

this was actually pretty funny and I love seeing more earthbound movies so that was very good to see. But i have a bad feeling this will be one of those " Lost Gems" which is really unfortunate but will sadly be true because most people on this site are lame-ass's )=

Colombian-Outcast responds:

yeah i no but i think it will make it

Uhhh...what was that?

This movie really wasn't that good, but it had its positives...

-On the plus side, the graphics were pretty good, and the sound was very good quality.

-On the negative, the whole thing went by so fast, I really didn't have much time to soak it in. I understand it's supposed to be making fun of how fast commercial guys talk, but a bit TOO extreme.

Overall, good effort, good quality technically, but in order for the movie to be funny, you need to think more of the audience's view of things.

Oh, and good one about the Latin ponytailed Spanish guitar dude.

Colombian-Outcast responds:

thx it was a edited ness

I wanna Sobe...

Little cats that tell you to Fuck Off are BAAD!! Little boyz who venture over to Micheal Jackson's house without parental supervision are screwed!! Literally!! Great one, man!! I like little catz & Sobe!

Colombian-Outcast responds:

i guess ....
(back away slowly)


This imitates the commercials so well. You did an awesome job with this flash man.

Colombian-Outcast responds:

i did it in under a day

What were you thinking

First off, if the movie contains profanity, it is NOT suitable for all ages. Also, this is pretty much a commercial, which I don't like at all. And I'm not sure, but did you say you downloaded this? If so, may my bichon frise gnaw on your body. Although I do admit, the one part was kind of funny, I have no clue why.

Colombian-Outcast responds:

its a spoof the the commericial

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2.56 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
10:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody