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Elastic Mesh Generator

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Sorry about the first one... there was an unexpected glitch and I had to delete it. So as a treat, I upgraded this verson for you all! You can now adjust friction and gravity, and even load some built in models. And most glitches are gone.

QUICK START: Hit BEGIN SIMULATION (on instruction screen), hit PERSON (under premade models), hit BEGIN SIMULATION and play.

There is no full version to this game, anyone giving links in reviews is just spreading a virus.

NOTE: This is a physics demonstration, not a game

Enjoy! And don't trash it till you play it.



but i found a glitch:
gravity 99
friction 0
then you add a frozen node and normal node
make a spring and put the elasticity to 99999990
and thickness to ten.
then start and see waht happens!

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it ok

it could be better


i liked it, but it isnt physics its just a flash made file submitted to youtube. if this is physics, then every damn thing on earth is physics. i see through your lies.


This is an educational game. You learn physics, friction and gravity. If you don't like this game, then you probably dispise science, and if you dislike science, then I feel like you aren't educated enough! No offence! naurtoawesomefan2 is right, you could show this game to your science teacher. This is technically a fun science lesson.

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dont like it

its kinda lame after 3 mins.

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3.64 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
5:57 PM EDT
Simulation - Other