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Goku vs Frieza

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Hello ppl again XD...
Enjoy that supreme overtime crap i did in one week :P...
I know i know... i dont care :P...
- DuDuL

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frieza is stronger then rainbow dash, cause rd is strong as zarbon, yay! go frieza destroy dashie, cause ponies are evil, cause of those mlp in real life videos, rainbow dash must die!!!!

???? no comment


the animation was ok but this really shouldnt have been rated mature

one problem

good and all but when goku transformed into super saiyan frieza was pwned he was constantly getting hit,missing,or being blown up even though frieza hardly used moves in this, he used to many!


this JUST cool....:) I pretty muck LOVE ALL OF UR VIDEOS DuDu...they're all SOO AWESOME except this one man this is just cool that's why i put an 8...Good luck making more awesome videos. :)