Waka Laka Dodge

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Update (20 Minutes After Submitting, lol!): I think I am going to make a guide on how to get past the first few levels, due to the fact that almost every reviewer said it was too hard! Lol, keep on playin'!

Well, this game was inpired by the game Neon (which I think is still on the front page) and of course, the song Waka Laka. This is the very first game I ever made, so if you're gonna bash it, at least tell me what I could do better next time. Now, this game is difficult at first but, don't give up, it's do-able. Well, enjoy!

Song: Waka Laka
From: DDR
Song: Bowser's Castle
From: DDR Mario Mix

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I had a seizure. suppose its my own fault. Hospitalized for a week! i give a 10 for effort, its probly a rlly good game

Jimtopia responds:

Did you really have a seizure? o_O


Deluxe is better!

Jimtopia responds:

Hence the name.


Not that great. also if you right click you cant die. got bored of getting killed and did that. funny song. that was the best part of this game.

Jimtopia responds:

You cheater! >_<

I like ! Hard!

I was thinking that if I couldn't get past the first level i could neither vote on it nor review it as I couldn't assess it properly.
I finally got the hang of it and got as far as level three. My hand is aching a bit cos I've been on too long, but I will come back to this.

As usual, your choice of music makes it. For once I am certain that no other sounds were neccesary! I found I wanted to get further just to hear more of the music, which was as lively as the game. the way the enemy sort of comes after you and sort of doesn't fascinated me.

Jimtopia responds:

Yes well, glad you enjoyed it thx a bunch.


After playing your other version of this game for a bit, I figured I'd come back and play this one again to compare. This version is definitely harder, that's for sure; even the first level was quite difficult, and the second was nearly impossible. I didn't like the fact that moving the mouse off the edge reset the game; I wish it had just left the character hanging out on the edge or something, where it could die if touched by a black thing but wouldn't die immediately. I can't count the number of times I tried to move out of the way of an object and died because I went off the screen.

Also, it was hard to tell where the edge of the screen actually was in relation to the musical note. It is possible to move the note a little bit off of the edge, but not very far... and that was frustrating!

The music is still great, but I really don't like the gameplay on this one at all. It's too hard, there's not any rhyme or reason to the enemies' movements, and it's strictly a memorization game -- just like the other version.

Sorry, but I didn't enjoy this much.

Jimtopia responds:

So ya had to come back and lower this one's score also, huh?

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3.20 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2006
1:17 PM EDT