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Dailytoon #216

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In today’s DailyToon, we have amazing flashes AEA2, RexCo, HappyLeetGost., and a swell game involving DT’s biggest fan AshfordGivens by samzter1.
This DailyToon was organized by UglyBastard aka MorrisseyStar, who also made the main menu in this DT as well.

Love, The Star Syndicate!

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star light, star bright

ah, a classic star syndicate preloader, gotta love it! a nice new menu, too. i lie the starwipe, quite a nice touch. the menu with the seven stars and the checkered background is quite hot. i also like the little previews above the users names ^_^

AEA2 - those were some hot tits on that princess. also some wonderful graphics and voice acting. saddly you left me in suspence, i can't wait for the next one!
gost - i went to mexico once and i swear to god i saw a guy doing that.
rexco - i hate the benny hill music :( damn you rexco. the tsunami wiped out your awesome building! what a shame T_T
samzter1 - take that ashford! you just got ninja'd, head split'd and shot by a dick, and then for some reason caught fire :P i love how he was being watched by fourstar :P

long live the SS.


my game isn't working :(

TheStarSyndicate responds:

That's funny because whenever I tested it, your game worked just fine, at least on my computer. :(




I guess some of the music was good (espeically that Benny Hill Themesong, and that song from Space Jam), and the menu looked pretty cool, I guess...


Most of these were pretty boring, and, like some otehr reviewers have mentioned, you should put mroe time and effort into these.



you're just missing two things, time and effort

TheStarSyndicate responds:


Nice Preloader!!

The preloader was the most beautiful preloader I have ever seen. But what lay beyond was absolute trash. It's the first DT I've seen, but it doesn't give me a positive impression of what DT is about.